"Can't you see that your roof is leaking? Why don't you fix it?"

"Well right now it's raining too hard, and when the sun's shining, why it don't leak."

Gerry Garcia & Dave Grisman - (Not) For Kids Only 1993


What we do

About this page

We design and deliver new media that make organisations run better.

Analysis and UX design

We provide requirements analysis and design services. In doing so we seek to understand the whole organisational environment so that what we design yields productivity improvement and enhances the culture that you want. 

Website and weblication development

A weblication is a software application built for the web. Putting a website together is easy; building something that gives you a good return on investment and fulfills strategic goals requires a different order of thinking. We build websites and online applications that focus on optimising organisational performance.

Support and maintenance

We back what we build. We can also provide content development skills - it's often hard to know what to say and how to say it - we can help.

Specific products

We develop products based on our custom development work. These arise when we realise that a need we have fulfilled could serve a wider community.

CAM - Community Activity Manager

CAM is a membership / customer management tool. It has been developed specifically for organisations that offer the community membership or participation. Our lead customer for CAM is Bicycle Network Victoria.

Public plus Members Website

We have developed a quick-to-deploy website with content authoring tools and password protected Membership area. This website was built with it.

For some of our customers it provides all they need; others use it as a hub to which they can add functionality.