“Compassion is not something you feel. It is something you do.”

Chögyam Trungpa, Buddhist meditations master



About this page

Boojum's approach owes much to the work of W. Edwards Deming.

Drive out fear

Deming's view was that human interaction should be cooperative rather than competitive. One of his principles was "Drive out fear".

Any worthwhile project addresses core processes, which can be optimised through analysis. But the prospect of change can generate fear. We must engage the people whom change will effect, and who will be responsible for making it succeed.

Low trust is high cost; high trust is low cost.

Facts, rather than opinions

At a practical level, Deming emphasised the need for decisions to be based on facts rather than opinions. He promoted the use of data-gathering tools and collaborative decision-making techniques.

Our Methods
Process analysis + communications design + technical production + quality assurance

Three questions

These are the questions we ask ourselves before beginning a project:

  1. Do we believe in the outcomes and the values of the project, and the organisation commissioning it?
  2. Are we confident that by doing the project we can add more value than we cost?
  3. Are we the right people for this project?

We are not guns for hire. We agree to take on a project when we believe it is worthwhile, and that we can deliver results.

When we take on a project our commitment is to achieving the spirit of the agreement. We assume that we and our customers will learn things and identify new opportunities during each project. We welcome the learning as a benefit of good process.