"Do we as a species constitute a Gaian nervous system and a brain which can consciously anticipate environmental changes?"

J E Lovelock - GAIA a new look at life on Earth 1979



About this page

Do yourself a favour: Join the Bicycle Network

Bicycles are fantastic: they replace greenhouse gas-emitting vehicles with pollution-free health and fitness machines. We are proud to be Bicycle Network Victoria's major online software developer because, as well as promoting bicycle riding and providing great member benefits, they are transforming the traffic landscape of Victoria. 

As well as Bicycle Network Victoria's website, e-commerce and membership management system, we have also developed the software for their active transport campaigns such as Ride to Work, and their traffic survey software for gathering data about people's riding habits.

Waterwatch Victoria manages volunteers across the State who monitor the quality of local waterways. As well as the Waterwatch website, Boojum has designed the water quality database, and designed and built the software for Saltwatch.

And in other watery matters, we work with the East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and the Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, providing their web-services. A project that is dear to our hearts is their work to protect the endangered Hooded Plover, a dear little coastal bird, and only a few hundred of them left. 

Climate change

No matter how resourceful we humans may be, we rely on the stability of our weather to be able to carry on normal lives. More frequent extreme weather events have a major impact on our ability to lead happy lives. 

At Boojum, we are doing what we can. We have installed solar electricity and solar hot water heating, LED low wattage lights, and rainwater tanks, and we use bicycles and public transport to get around where practicable.

Individual action is encouraging, especially when you consider that the Australian public has embraced energy and water-saving measures more enthusiastically than governments expected.

But we need system-wide changes that re-jig the economics of pollution in favour of environmentally sustainable solutions.